Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Fire Station

The first grade classes at Sidney Deener went to the fire station a couple of weeks ago. The fire stations is only a block from the school so I walked over with them and tried to keep up with both classes to get plenty of pictures. A bit of a challenge. There were 6 different "stations" set up that each classes vistited seperatly. For example at one they got to hold the hose and hit a target, next there was a house the kids got in and then they filled it with smoke and they kids had to practice getting out. It was alot of fun.

Blake spraying the target. As you can tell he was really into it.

Claire and her friend Emma.

Blake crawling out of the first floor of the smoking house.

Blake made the evening news climbing down the fire escape of the smoke filled house.

Claire with fireman's coat and the using the fire hose. It was a fun day.

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