Sunday, December 31, 2006

A Texas Christmas
We went to Tyler to have Christmas with my family the Wed-Sat. before Christmas. Of course the kids had lots of fun with Sydnie & Clay and loved visiting Granny and Papa. Everytime we go back home, I'm so thankful that my kids have such a good relationship with my grandparents. I have such great memories spending time with my great grandmother, Papa's mother who died when I was a sophmore in college and am glad my kids are able know my grandparents.

My grandparents, Granny and Papa, with Anna Kate, Claire, Blake, Sydnie & Clay

Blake got a telescope and binoculars from Nana and Grandaddy along with a model of the solar system and a book on the solar system. Anyone need any help with planet trivia, give Blake a call. He's got it all down now.

Along with a personal CD player and CD's Claire got several books like Charolette's Web, and My Friend Flicka. She loves to read. When you can't find her she's either reading or listening or trying to play music.

Both of the girls got a Disney Princess Cd player and Praise & Worship CD's. They were so excited. Blake got one for his birthday and everyone has been fighting over it ever since. Everyone was so exicted. It made for a very quiet trip home, except when Anna Kate wanted to tell you something. She hasn't learned that we can hear her even though she can't hear us.

We got Clay this "Cars" play rug with a couple of cars from the movie Cars. It was a huge hit. It happened to be the first present he opened of the evening and he refused to open anything else. I hope this buys Larisa lots of quiet play time over the next few weeks.

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