Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Welcome to Summer!!
Our summer got off with a bang. School was out only two days before we headed to Branson with Mark's parents and sister's family. We spent an entire week shopping, swimming, eating and of course going to Silver Dollar City. My kids have never been to another amusement park so they are perfectly content with the rides at SDC and loved every minute of it. We were blessed enough to get season passes this year so they are already wanting to know when we are going back. With gas prices who knows??? We returned from Branson late on Saturday and bright and early Monday morning Blake and Claire went to Harding's Baseball and Basketball camps. (last week) So everyday last week Anna Kate and I dropped Blake and Claire off at Harding around 8:30, ran errands and picked them up by 12:00. We would come home exhausted, eat lunch and crash until Blake's baseball games at night. It was a crazy week. So this week we are chillin'!! We've stayed in pj's until noon 2 out of 3 days, had friends come over yesterday for a play date and are basically relaxing. I'm trying to catch up on blogging, scrapbooking and organizing my house. Since we moved in last summer right before I had surgery alot of things were never put in the right spot. So my mission this summer is to work on the house. Here are a few pictures from the month of May and the beginning of our summer. Now that I'm at home I'm hoping to post more often and keep in touch.
Blake before his first baseball gameClaire, Mia and Anna Kate at Mia's 1st birthday party

Anna Kate at her kindergarten end of school program

Blake, Anna Kate and Claire at the program. Blake had a ballgame before the program.

Claire, Anna Kate and Blake at the entrance of Silver Dollar City

Anna Kate, Jackson, Blake Mark & Claire waiting to go in to SDC

Mark and Claire: one of my favorite pictures!!

Mia ready to roll

Anna Kate and Jackson- AK is a mother hen when Jackson is around

Anna Kate and Claire on the flooded mine

Claire and Blake in a friendly game of checkers out the ice cream parlor at SDC

The last day of basketball and baseball camps.


Deborah said...

They are so cute! Glad you had fun with yor in-laws and Paula's family. That little Jackson is definitely a Jackson/Farley!

Cara said...

Thanks for the advice on my blog. I'm not all that worried about the sleepwalking. It doesn't happen all that often. Kent and I talked about getting the beepers on the doors that sound off when it's opened, just in case.

You'r kids are PRECIOUS! They are so big. It was great to hear from you!