Sunday, July 30, 2006

Mother /Daughter P.J. Party
At church we had a mother/daughter pajama party. No we didn't spend the night it was just a come in your p.j's, eat pizza and have a makeover. It was very cute. The children's ministry intern talked to the girls about being beautiful on the inside and then we went to stations for our external beauty treatments. At each station the girls received a "beauty secret" attatched to a beauty item. Ex: manicure station: the girls painted their nails and received a nail file with the verse "whatever you hands find to do do with all your might" tied to the file. We had a pedicure stations, manicure station, hair station, and a facial station. Then they decorated a box to keep all their beauty secret verses in. Very cute idea. I didn't take Anna Kate just Claire. She was needing some one on one time.

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Cathy said...

Oh to have a little girl and do things like this with her! I know Claire had a great time! I remember you weren't feeling too well that night... hope you still had a good time. =)