Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sorry, I need to catch up on the last few weeks. I'll probably do it with 3 new entries to get all the pictures in. Please bear with me, with these entries I'm going to experiment with picture placement and captioning. I can't quite figure it out. So if the don't look right or are spaced funky I'm learning. First we finished swim lessons a few weeks ago and all three kids made so much progress. It was amazing. They took at Harding's indoor pool where Mark's cousin J.D. Yingling is the swimming instructor. He was Anna Kate's teacher while Blake and Claire had college students as their teachers. They all three can swim pretty well and all went off the diving board several times. It's amazing how quickly they made progress. On the first day Claire didn't want to put her head all the way under after just a couple of days she was bobbing up and down and now is swimming great. Here are the pics: All smiles!! Claire swimming with the kick board at the beginning of class and this was Anna Kate's reaction on the last day when she FINALLY went off the diving board. We had tried for two weeks to get her to jump, everyday she would get on the board, walk to the end and back out. The very last day she jumped 3 times and loved it. Afterwards she said " Mom I'm really sad I didn't jump before."
Blake was a fish from day one. As long as he had his goggles he was off. By the last day he could swim the length of the pool. Amazing!!

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Cathy said...

That's great that the kids progressed so much! I really should have taken the boys to lessons this summer... oh, well.. there's always next summer. Graydon Sentell took lessons this year and was doing handstands at the bottom of the pool on Saturday! Not Grant.. he's doing good to sit on the top step of the pool! ;) The kids are going to have fun being able to swim like little fishies!