Monday, August 21, 2006

The Actual First Day of School!!

Here are the pictures of the actual first day of school:

All ready to go. We can't wait!!!

I had 3 very excited kids this morning. Anna Kate couldn't even eat breakfast. Mark said she woke up at 4 am wanting to get ready. She did go back to sleep but was up for good around 6:15am. She couldn't wait to get dressed and carried her back around for an hour. Blake was concerned about being late and Claire was just giggly. First we took Anna Kate to school. On the way she told me I could just let her out and she would go in by herself. I DON'T THINK SO!!! I explained that I had to go in to sign her in but would not go in the classroom, she didn't even look back.

Anna Kate's First Day at Curtis Kindergarten

Now it was Blake and Claire's turn. At Sidney Deener parents drop off their children at the gym for Deener Daybreak, a morning meeting of the entire school. All the kids sit as a class and at 7:50am they begin the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance, singing the Star Spangled Banner, announcing the lunch menu for the day, word of the week (attitude is this week's) and a quote for the week. Then the kids walk as a class to their room with their teacher. It's really cool as it creates a cool community atmosphere and gets everyone started off on the right foot. This happens every day. This morning of course we walked them into the meeting and stayed until they left the gym. They were ole' pros.

Blake and Claire outside the gym

They all had a great day. Ms. Ryan said Anna Kate had a wonderful day, obeyed beautifully, and tried everything on her plate at lunch. That's a miracle. She also said Anna Kate came up to her around 10:45 and said "Ms. Ryan I'm exhausted can I take a nap now?" Blake and Claire loved their teachers and each one did something different. Blake went to Art and Claire went to Music. It's going to be fun keeping up with two different classes and schedules.


Nancy Bland said...

I can't believe the pictures! I am so very proud of Blake, Claire and Anna Kate. They have grown so much. It was great being able to see your teachers, see you in the swimming pool and on vacation.
It is good to know you have a blog spot and I can peek in on you from time to time.
I love you very much.

TC in SC said...

Love the bows! Did Claire have an opinion about hers?

Anonymous said...

Blake, Claire, and Anna Kate,

I am glad to see big smiles on everyone's face on the first day of school. Of course that is what I expected from 3 very smart kids! I'll be very anxious to hear about your teachers and classes when we see you in a few weeks. Keep those big SMILES one!

I love you,


Cathy said...

I just love the expressions on Blake's face... so reminds me of Mark! ;) Bows Bows Bows!!... heehee The girls are so cute! Hope this will be a great school year for all of them!