Monday, September 04, 2006

Happy Birthday Nana!!
This weekend we went to Tyler for my mom's birthday. On Saturday we went swimming and had a birthday party and Sunday we went to the ranch where Dad boards his horses. Blake, Claire and Anna Kate love being with Grandaddy in the barn and Claire especially loves horses. They all want to be cowboy/cowgirls like Grandaddy. Anna Kate asked if all cowboys live in Texas. They are so into the western thing that they asked Grandaddy and Nana for boots and jeans for their birthday, Blake and Claire's party is going to be a cowboy/cowgirl hayride and they want to be cowboy/cowgirls for Halloween. We're going to ride this one for all it's worth.
Claire loves petting the horses.
Anna Kate, Mark and Blake swinging on the porch of the barn.Claire on the porch of the barn
Grandaddy, Nana, Blake, Claire and Anna Kate
Of course Anna Kate had to have the pink boots!
Papa, Granny (my grandparents) Blake, Claire and Anna Kate


Angie said...

I was wondering if you were going to post anything again. I'm glad you all had a great time in TX with family. Your kids have to stop growing. It's been forever since I've seen them and you for that matter. Keep blogging.

cassandra said...

hey cristy, i love the pink boots! i'm really excited about this coming weekend, it'll be lots of fun! remind me what time that baby shower is on monday and raquel and i will be over there if you need us to watch the kids. (the laundry's piling up anyway) but i miss them.

Cathy said...
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Cathy said...

The pink boots are adorable! Those are good pics of the kids and the grandparents. Looks like they had fun with the horses! Can't wait to see pics of the b-day party!