Saturday, February 10, 2007

Random Pictures.
Here are just a few random pictures of what's been going on around here since Christmas. Not much.

This is Claire at the Honors Assembly at school. She and Blake both made the All "A" Honor Roll.

This is our resident Power Ranger. We have never had "boy" dress up clothes until now. I ran across several super hero, power ranger, costumes at the fall consignment sale and bought a few thinking I would give them to him for Christmas. Well I forgot. So one rainy day I came across the box and Blake got a big surprise. He was so excited.

This was last week. Anna Kate had the flu. She was out of it for 5 days. Luckily she began running fever late Wed. afternoon. Thursday was a snow day and Friday her preschool was cancelled because their heater was broken. Her preschool teacher Ms. Ryan came and stayed with her on Friday and I took off on Monday. So we only missed one day of work and school. Not bad for a 5 day flu. All she did was sleep from Wednesday-Sunday. I don't think she has ever been that sick.

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Keep up the good work.