Saturday, February 10, 2007

Swing your partner, Do-si-d0!!!

Thursday night Blake and Claire had a square dance program at school. It was just the first grade and they square danced to about 5 different songs. It was so cute. They wore their boots and jeans that Nana & Grandaddy gave them for their birthday and were so excited. They were the best looking cowboy and cowgirl there.

Claire, Karsen & Blake

Karsen was in their kindergarten class and was Blake's first girlfriend. They also took TaeKwonDo together.

Claire, Coach Stamps & Blake

Coach Stamps is their P.E. teacher. He loves Blake and Claire. Anytime we see him in town he stops and just loves them. We love being at Sidney Deener.

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Angie said...

Once you all move, will they continue to go to S.D. or will they attend a different school?