Saturday, September 08, 2007

Labor Day Week-end!!
On Friday after school the kids and I took off for Tyler to visit my family for the week-end. My brother's family met us there for a week-end of cousin fun. On Saturday we went to the zoo and Sunday we celebrated my mother's birthday. We arrived Friday night at 11pm to the sound of squeals as we walked through the door. Cody & Larisa had not told Sydnie and Clay that we were coming. They were so excited. Sydnie and Anna Kate are the big buddies. They are at a very cute age and play well together. Sydnie is 4 and Anna Kate is 5 1/2. Here they are on the way to the zoo holding hands in the car and then again walking into the zoo holding hands. How cute.

Here are all five of them looking at the Rhino who was taking a nap in the shade.
Then we took a break for sno cones, a great way to cool down on a warm afternoon.

After the sno cones we went into the bird house where there were all these birds flying wild around you heads and then landing on the trees. You could get a stick that had bird seed on it and attempt to feed the birds. This was the higlight for the kids.
Sydnie did not want to leave the birds. So Anna Kate tried to coax her into coming along to see the next thing. It's doesn't look like it is working. At one point I think she was going to run away.

Here they are getting all cleaned up after petting the goats in the children's area.
The next day was Nana's birthday and here she is with the five grandkids and her cake.
Notice she we had five grandkids born within 4 years. WOW!! We are all done. So this is it.
Monday on the way home we had a blow out on the interstate in the middle of nowhere. I had no clue where I was nor what to do. That is when the little OnStar button came in handy. I pushed my OnStar and they new exactly where I was, sent out a tow service to change the tire added 30 minutes free to my hands-free phone in the Surburban and called to check on things a couple of different times while waited. Three hours later we were back on the road. They were not speedy but hey, they got the job done and for no charge!! I think I may renew my subscription come November. Here were a couple of pictures of the kids while we waited. We had to amuse ourselves somehow.

Needless to say we were exhausted when we rolled in around 9:30 pm. I expected to be back by 5pm. We survived the week and are enjoying a relaxing week-end at home. Hope you are too.

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