Tuesday, August 21, 2007

First Day of School.
Yesterday, was the first day of school for everyone. Blake and Claire started 2nd grade and Anna Kate went to Kindergarten. She was so excited. She didn't even want Mark to walk her in. Of course he did with video camera and the digital camera. I am teaching full time this year so I didn't get to go with them but Mark did a great job of getting every moment documented.

This is Anna Kate's teacher Mrs. Doan. This picture was taken at Open House. I think we are going to have a great year with Mrs. Doan. I forgot my camera when the 2nd grade had Open House but a friend took pictures for me. I just don't have them yet.

Kindergarten!! Can you believe it???? I can only because she is soooo ready but I can't believe my baby is in school. We have started a whole new phase of life. Everyone in school!! WOW!

Blake in Mrs. Jones's class.

Claire in Mrs. Yingling's class.

Everyone had a great first day. Anna Kate bought her lunch, took a nap and Mrs. Doan had to wake her up after rest time. She made a few new friends and actually is in class with 3 boys from church and 1 girl from pre-school. She loves it.

Blake and Claire were exhausted when they got home. Blake went and got in his bed and went to sleep at 4pm and Claire fell asleep on the couch. It'll take a while for everyone to get adjusted.


Nathan said...

I cannot believe how big those kids are! It's been entirely too long since we've seen you guys. Glad to know things are well with you. If you're ever in Little Rock, you'll need to come meet our son Benson.

Deborah said...

They are just too cute. I love Anna Kate's little cheeks! It's so obvious that she is going to love kindergarten, just by the sweet smile on her face.

It makes me laugh that the twins both fell asleep after school. Joshua has been so wild after school so far because he's not used to sitting all day. First grade is WAY different than kindergarten--no more centers OR naptime!

Hope your year of teaching goes well!