Saturday, May 05, 2007

"Dear God,

Thank you for making Mrs. Curtis a long, long, long time ago. And thank you for Mr. Curtis and for helping them make my school." ..... Anna Kate Farley

That was part of Anna Kate's prayer last night. This afternoon we had a party/program celebrating Mr.and Mrs. Curtis who started Curtis Kindergarten and Preschool where Anna Kate attends. They have sold the school and today was a celebration of their impact on the city of Searcy. The Curits' and the Farleys go way back and have been dear friends forever. So I was so glad that Anna Kate was able to be apart of this last year and of the program today. She loves it when Mr. Curtis comes to the school to visit. The students sang a few songs and we watched a slide show of Ms. Evelyn telling how she started school and what her mission was. I believe the school has been open 28 years. WOW!!! They have sold to a Mrs. Lively who grew up in Searcy and is moving back to be closer to her family. She a has lot to live up to with reputation that the school has. I wish her the best and am so thankfully we got to be a part of the Curtis Kindergarten.

Anna Kate had the only speaking part of the program. She got the giggles when the put the microphone in front of her but recovered and did a great job. Her class sang two songs by themselves and then sang a song with the entire school.

Grammy (Mark's mom Janice), Mrs. Evelyn Curtis, Mr. Burl Curtis
and Anna KateMs. Ryan and Anna KateThis is Mark's Aunt Kathryn who Anna Kate is named after. She is Mark's grandmother's sister.

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