Friday, May 25, 2007

A Very Busy Month!!!!
What is with the month of May? It is always so busy. With Mother's Day, Graduations, end of school, wedding showers and for us Mark's birthday and Our anniversary this month always makes a huge dent in the wallet and leaves a very tired mommy.
This year on Mother's Day weekend we entertained 25 people (from my family) for lunch at our new house. My parents came up on Friday and on Saturday my grandparents, Aunt Nancy and Uncle Jeff and their 4 children plus spouses and grandchild, and my grandmother's sister and her family all came. Everyone was in town for a different reason and it was a great time to get together. It just happened to be about a week after getting everything moved in the house. So boxes were stacked in the corners and closets and some walls still need paint but we had a great time. We had lunch, sat around and sang old hymns and did lots of catching up.

Anna Kate and Papa

This is Hudson, my cousin Rebekah's little boy. Notice the watch on his wrist. He is facinated with watches and clocks and wears his watch proudly.

Claire taking a break on the swing.

This is my Aunt Phyllis (in front), her grandaughter Kendall Pfiefer, her daughter Patricia Pfiefer and my grandmother. Thirty two years later, I'm still introduced as the flower girl in Trish's wedding. Aunt Phyllis is my grandmother's sister.

Nana and Anna Kate... For all of you who ask "Where does AK get that red hair?"

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