Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Claire and her Prince!!

Tonight we were sitting in the living room visiting with Mark's sister Paula and her husband Chris when Blake and Anna Kate came busting through the door saying Claire had caught a frog. Ironically, Claire was wearing her Cinderella dress running outside trying to catch frogs. Very typical. She is all girl but loves bugs, animals of all kinds and being outside. Very much an adventurer. I felt so sorry for the frog. After about 30 minutes of torture (for the frog I'm sure) she finally let it go. I put her to bed with her beaming and can't wait till tomorrow to go find more. I asked her if she tried to kiss it and to see if it turned into a prince, especially since she was wearing her princess dress. She said "Mom, that only happens in cartoons!" Silly me.

Here's a picture of Baby Mia, Paula and Chris's newest addition.


Sandi said...

Hi, Cristy! It's Sandi (Wright) Haustein. I stumbled across your blog from Angie Brice's from Carrie Hudkins'...I was so glad to see a picture of Mia -- I hadn't heard that she was born yet. I look forward to catching up with you and Mark and your family. We were just in Branson but opted out of Silver Dollar City this time...we might get season's passes next year -- looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

Cristy said...

Hey, Sandi,
Glad you left a comment. Keep checking throughout the summer and there will probably be more pictures of Jackson and Mia to come. There usually in town every week.
We are also looking at season passes for next year. I'm told that if you're going to get them to do so in early December b/c you get more perks (like buddy passes and discounts)

Angie said...

This blogging thing is cool. I have found people through other people and people have found me I haven't heard from in years.