Monday, July 16, 2007

Fourth of July Pics
The fourth of July was my first real outing with friends since surgery. We ate lunch at Mark's parents with the Scott, Ashley, Damien and Megan and Chris, Paula, Jackson and Mia. After coming home for a nap we went to the Traughbers for dinner with the rest of our group that meets on Sunday nights. We did the last year so it maybe becoming a tradition. The kids had a great time playing until we went to Harding for the fireworks.
Here are the two newest Farley cousins. Mia (left) and Megan(right) are 10 days apart. Anna Kate is so excited about TWO babies to play with at Grammy's house.

The kids loved playing at Tod and Jan's house and kept themselves pretty occupied waiting on fireworks.
Here is Anna Kate and Conner a year later. They are still the best of friends. We'll see what happens this fall when the go to kindergarten at seperate schools.

Ms. Jan always has the coolest stuff. Both years she brought the glow stick necklaces and bracelets for all the kids to have while watching the fireworks. Our small group isn't that small we have 15 kids between us all and one on the way.
Here are Blake and Claire watching the fireworks. We are still amazed how good of friends they are. They love being together and love being twins. They usually team up when we're in a group. I hope they always stay as close as they are now.
Here is the wild and crazy bunch. We had one couple of out of town and a few running around but this is as close as it gets with 15 kids 7 years old and younger.

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