Monday, July 16, 2007


Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I had surgery the second week of June and am just now coming back into the land of the living. I still have a couple more weeks of the official recovery time but am feeling better. I thought I would post some random pictures taken at the beginning of the summer and catch everyone up.

Blake is getting lessons in mowing the yard. Now that we have 2 acre yard we more than eager for him to be big enough to help. It still maybe a couple of years away but he loves riding with dad.

Claire and new cousin Mia. Claire has never been our "baby" child but she does love Mia and pays her alot more attention than I would have every thought.

Claire loves to skate. She and Blake went to a birthday party at the skating rink right before my surgery. Claire roller skates at home but Blake never had. Mark took them but the pictures of Blake on skates were all blurry. When I'm completely healed we'll all have to take off for an afternoon at the skating rink.

This Karsen "the birthday girl" whose party was at the skating rink. Blake, Claire and Karsen were in the same kindergarten class when we moved back to Searcy and are the best of friends.

The White County Library had a Star Wars day and Mark took the kids to see what it was all about. Most of it was pretty hokey they said but the storm trooper was cool.

Meet the newest Farley...Lucy. After my surgery I was laying on the couch and saw this cat out in our front yard. Everytime I would go out she would run between my feet and be so sweet. We decided a cat would be a pretty good pet to have to help keep mice, snakes and other critters away since we live out in the country. The kids love her. We laughed and said we would have gotten a cat a long time ago if we knew it would occupy Anna Kate as much as it has. We don't think she's quite a year old and is very sweet with the kids. This morning she had a bird for breakfast which was quite an education for my kids. Cats are such low kind of pet.

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