Monday, July 16, 2007

Castleman time!!
Last Tuesday one of Anna Kate's best friends Katie Castleman whose mom happens to be one of my best friends (Teresa) came for a visit. They also brought along younger brother Micah. They stayed for 6 night and just left this morning. Everyone had a great time, mainly playing outside and playing dress up. If you kept up with my blog from the beginning you'll remember seeing Katie on one of the first entries as Anna Kate's first sleep over. The girls have been tight since they were two years old. They moved to South Carolina 3 years ago but we have managed to get them together at least once a year since. The moms are hoping this will be a relationship that will last for a lifetime. If it doesn't it won't be for lack of trying. The first night they got here the girls decided they would pretend they were sisters the whole week. They did a great job sleeping in Anna Kate's bed, whispering late into the night and sharing lots of secrets. Teresa and only wished we could hear what they were saying.

Here they are last year ages 4 1/2.
Here they are this week 5 1/2. Katie still has those fingers when she's tired.

Blake and Claire escaping from the younger ones.

Bestest of friends!!!

Baby brother Micah age 1 1/2 and a very, very, very busy little man.

This week we saw lots of animals in the Farley yard. One morning we looked out and watched two deer for about 30 minutes. They got really close and the kids loved watching them. The next we looked out a saw a wild turkey and then Saturday we found a turtle. They kids loved playing with the turtle.
Nose to Nose... Come out and play Mr. Turtle.
My nature lover Claire of course has to pick up every animal she can get her hands on. She wanted to keep it but we finally convinced her to put the poor turtle out of its misery and let go near the trees. I'm sure that turtle ran the race of his life.
Ready for church.
Sunday night we had the Wyatt's come over and grilled burgers and dogs for Todd's birthday. This is Katie, Lainey and Anna Kate. Lainey and Landon are our 3 year old twin friends.
The kids lined up on the porch eating their ice cream cake.
Happy Birthday Mr. Todd!!

Landon riding his tricycle.
Mr. Todd and Micah

Parting is such sweet sorrow!!! They truly are great friends and love being together and hating saying good-bye. We were very blessed with cool weather, lots of sunny days and plenty of dress up clothes to go around. We can't wait until September when they come back for a long weekend. Thanks Teresa for all the great food and cleaning my house. We love the Castlemans!


Kim Hodges said...

Cristy! Thank you for your sweet comments and for your prayers. They mean a lot! We're in town through this week--I'd love to run in to you!

Deborah said...

I LOVE these pictures of your kiddos--they are so cute.

Thanks for commenting on my blog and for your sweet words about my grandparents. Believe me, the Farley family is just as special to the Curtis Clan!!