Tuesday, August 21, 2007

End of Summer!!

Summer has come quickly to an end. Here are a few photos of the events that occurred the last few weeks before school.
We had a mother/daughter pajama party at church. We all wore our pajamas, ate pizza, had devo, made bracelets and painted fingernails. The girls had a lot of fun and Claire was in a helpful big sister mood.

Claire painting Anna Kate's finger nails.
Then Anna Kate made her first trip to the dentist. She had a permanent tooth that came in behind her baby tooth. Her baby tooth wasn't really even loose. So we went to go see our good friend Dr. Todd to have it pulled. All morning she was so excited and couldn't wait. She had a change of mind once we got there.

I didn't think we were ever going to get her still enough or calm enough. She fought us for about 15 minutes. Todd said he has never seen a child get that upset and someone get the calmed down enough to actually get the job done. I wasn't leaving without the tooth pulled. We made every promise in the book. Finally she let us put the gas on her and then Todd got to work. The minute he pulled it she started grinning. Since it appears that we are going to be going down this road again I'm glad she now realizes it's not all that bad.

We've kept our niece and nephew several days this summer while Paula (mark's sister) worked. Anna Kate loved baby Mia around. She really is a very cute and sweet baby.

Finally Blake and Claire were in a musical at church last week. It was a dinner theater put on by the Children's Ministry. It was called the Good News Cruise and Claire's teacher from last year came to watch. The play was really pretty cute. None of the pictures turned out really great but here is one of Blake, Claire and Mrs. Rains.

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