Friday, December 28, 2007

Anna Kate turns 6 + Farley Family Christmas!!

This year we had a very hard time finding a time to celebrate Anna Kate's birthday. We had already decided not to have a big party, we were just trying to get 2 friends together but could never get their schedules to come together. So... we decided to just have her birthday cake at the Farley Family Christmas. It was crazy and chaotic but she had a what she considered a birthday and got more presents than anyone else since she got Christmas plus birthday. I'm not sure I'll ever do that way again, but it worked this year.This is on AK's actual birthday. Our birthday tradition: the only time you get donuts with sprinkles is on your birthday and only the birthday child gets the sprinkled donut. We put candles in it and sing happy birthday first thing in the morning. Notice she dressed herself for school all in PINK (necklace, headband, shirt and even pink candles). Can you guess what her favorite color is???

Grammy made this cake for her birthday. She loved it!!Jackson is having fun eating dinner with his cousins.

Uncle Scott and Aunt Ashley won the prize for one of the coolest presents, a Cardinals jersey.

Sierra and Anna Kate with their new baby dolls.

Claire has never wanted a baby doll but this year that is all she talked about it. And not just any baby doll, she wanted one that did not make any noise or anything else and we had to have twins, of course. Grammy came through on that one.

Babies, babies everyone... This is our real life baby doll, Mia

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