Friday, December 28, 2007

Blake and Claire's Birthday!!
Sorry it has been so long since I've checked in. From the middle of October until now life has been crazy. During the fall, Mark was traveling a lot and school was very hectic for me. Hopefully now we will get back into a normal routine and next semester will go much smoother. I will add several new posts today to catch you up to the happenings in the Farley children's lives.
A couple of weeks before Blake and Claire's birthday Nana and Grandaddy came and took everyone to Build-A-Bear for their birthday. Since Anna Kate's birthday is between Thanksgiving and Christmas she got her birthday early. So all three chose an animal .

Blake chose a cheetah, dressed him in a Cardinals uniform and named him Clark.

Claire chose a rabbit and named her Hopper.

Anna Kate chose a bear all dressed in pink and named Meredith.
Grandaddy, Nana, Claire, Anna Kate and Blake before church.

Blake fell asleep on the porch swing while Grandaddy and Dad put the basketball goal together.

Claire has been begging for a basketball goal and to play basketball this winter. So for their birthday they got a basketball goal and Claire will be playing Upward basketball beginning in January. When I took her to be evaluated for the team, she made 7 shots from the center of the lane in 30 seconds and 8 shots from both wing positions in 30 seconds...all net!! It was amazing. She's never played before but loves it. Maybe she can pay for her college with her new found talent.

Sticking with the sports theme, my friend Cathy and I made a baseball and basketball cake for the twins. During October leading up to their birthday, Mark and I had several conversations about how faithful God has been in bringing Blake and Clarie to where they are today. Who would have thought 8 years ago as we were looking at two 2 pound babies that they would be in the top of their class academically and rather tall for their age. God is so good!! We are amazed daily at these two miracle babies.

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