Friday, December 28, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007 with Family and Friends

We hosted Thanksgiving for Mark's family at our house this year. We 21 people over including our friends Chris and Cathy Elrod and their two boys. We had all the traditional Thanksgiving food and the excitement for the day was when the heating element in my oven decided to burn into two pieces and began sparking and catching things on fire while I was taking the ham out of the oven. Very interesting. After turning the breaker off, we ran the rolls down to Grammy's house to finish cooking and all had a great time. (Luckily everything else was done). The kids had a great time playing outside and most stayed around until afte the Cowboy game was over and everyone had grazed one last time among the leftovers.

Anna Kate, Blake and Jackson

Jackson and Grant

Baby Mia all ready for bed after a long day of playing.

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